Ato-no-Megumi direct sales store


The Ato regions produces many delicious specialty foods including rice, Ato Wagyu Beef, tomatoes, apples, pears, and honey.
The Ato-no-Megumi direct sales store sells Ato region specialty foods.
You can also purchase meticulously raised Ato Wagyu beef. It truly does provide ONLY here!

Opening hours:
  • Ato-no-Megumi direct sales store 9: 30am~6: 00pm
  • Take-out Counter 9: 30am~4: 00pm
Regular holiday:
Closed every 2nd Tuesday of the month as a general rule (Closed on the 1st Tuesday in August; no regular holiday in November)
New Year holidays:December 31 (afternoon) – January 1

Ato Wagyu Beef

Produced in Ato’s rich natural environment, Ato Wagyu Beef is characterized by its special mellow texture.

[Ato Wagyu Beef tenderloin]

So tender that you can cut it with chopsticks, this delicious beef melts in the mouth. Since the meat has relatively little fat, it has a surprisingly light taste. Delicious seasoned with just salt and pepper.

Ato Wagyu Beef, from fattening to sale (Yamaguchi-Ato Hometown Promotion Public Corporation)

  • image:calf
  • image:Roasted meat

Take-out Counter

This take-out counter was constructed together with the Ato-no-Megumi direct sales store at the Chomonkyo Gorge Roadside Rest Stop.
The rice flour ice cream was sold here for the first time in Yamaguchi Prefecture and is made from Ato rice.
The take-out counter also provides various type of delicious foods and drinks including Ato Wagyu Beef Fried potato and Tokusa apple juice.

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Ato-no-Megumi Instagram

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